Wrangler Force For iPhone 7


Stötsäkert mobilskal till iPhone 7

Wrangler Force For iPhone 7

Material: Dubbla lager stötsäkert mobilskal i greppvänlig design med en lucka nedtill som skyddar kontakten mot smuts och damm. Ett yttre hårt lager polykarbonat som skyddar mot slag och innanför ett dubbelt lager elastiskt stötabsorberande TPU.


Safely enjoy the extreme venture anytime!
[MATERIAL] Double layered drop proof case with textured inner TPU shell and POP colored PC
[DESIGN] Our semi-rigid type of textured surface on both side of the rounded back bezel will added grip / Bottom of port covers blocks dirt and dust from getting into jacks and ports
[PROTECTION] Outer enclosure hard shell constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate and double-enforced with a shock absorbing TPU inner-sleeve. Corners feature double-thick TPU for outstanding protection against drops and other impacts.
[ADDITION DESIGN] Inner grill pattern of inner cushioning structure fully protects the phone / Bottom of port covers blocks dirt and dust from getting into jacks and ports / Made in Korea


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