GPO Ambassador


GPO Ambassador

Bring music to you, wherever you are

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Skivspelare med Bluetoothanslutning och uppladdningsbart batteri


With dapper style, but a very modern touch, the GPO Ambassador is our first turntable with Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery.

First check out that wardrobe; with either a Green and Black, or Cream and Tan two tone finish, the Ambassador has a classic finish with leatherette binding and brass-styled corner protectors. The briefcase style record player features a three speed turntable, auto stop function, built in speakers and manual pick up arm. Yet it’s also been built to make it easier to play music wherever you are. With a rechargeable battery the turntable will play on the go while the Bluetooth connectivity works with any Bluetooth speaker.

Features & Specifications

  • Portable briefcase turntable player, enjoy music anywhere anytime!
  • Bluetooth connection with any Bluetooth speaker.
  • Rechargeable battery up to 2.5hours playback
  • Built in twin stereo speaker
  • Analogue output: RCA connectors L/R
  • Digital output: USB port
  • Supports all 3 record speeds: 33/45/78 RPM
  • Record your vinyl to a USB stick (supplied)
  • Included are power supply and USB stick
  • Built in RCA audio out to allow additional speakers to be connected
  • Compatible with the GPO Westwood speaker and GPO
  • Westwood Mini amplifier.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Available in Green and Black and Cream and Tan



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